When do you do a photoshoot usually?
Best time for the flying dress photoshoot in Santorini:
🔺Location 1: Oia village for morning sessions 08:00 - 12:30 pm.
🔺Location 2: Imerovigli village for afternoon sessions 5:00 - 8:30 pm.

The exact time may change slightly depending on the month and weather conditions.
What about dresses?
👗 Our photoshoot includes 1 dress for 1 person already. You can add an extra dress for yourself or your partner.

👗 Our dress catalog has a variety of sizes available. All of our dresses are adjustable and can fit multiple sizes. We can use pins for alterations if a more precise fit is needed.
How does it work?
Step 1: 
Choose the day of shooting, book the time and make an advance payment. 

Step 2: 
Choose a flying dress from our catalog. Pay attention to the sizes. 

Step 3: 
Makeup and hair (optional). If you want to look much more beautiful, we recommend ordering makeup and hair. Please check in advance about the possibility of ordering this service. 

Step 4: 
A day before the scheduled shooting, we confirm the exact time of the meeting and location. You will get all info about that on WhatsApp or E-mail.

Step 5: 
On the day of shooting: If you ordered makeup and hair, the master will come to your hotel a few hours before the start of the photo session to create a beautiful image for you. We working with TOP professional makeup artist and hair stylist on the island. 

Step 5: 
You meet with the photographer at a designated place and shoot. After the end of the shooting, you pay the rest of the payment via PayPal.
Where can I change my clothes?
We have a portable dress room for changing the dress near the location. Sometimes we can use any quiet place for that also.
Do you have group rates? We are a group of 10 people. We want to have not only a personal Santorini photoshoot for each of us but also several group photos.
Each person will have a short personal photoshoot at 3 different locations. You just need to order a photoshoot that includes a photographer and a flying dress. We will help to coordinate and organise such a photoshoot in the most appropriate place.
I want to order make-up and hairstyle.
If our stylist is available for your time, 2-2,5 hours before the photoshoot she will come to your hotel, do your make-up and get your hair done. If you have any requests, you can send us several examples.
What is the best time to book the photoshoot?
We recommend you book your photoshoot in advance. If you don’t need to have your photoshoot on a concrete day, we can book a period for you. A few days before your trip, we confirm the exact day and time within the period you have booked.
How do we choose the dress?
Choose your magic flying dress from our catalog: www.miamidressphoto.com/dresses
Please use the dress number from our catalog only. ​​​​​​
Send the dress number to chat with our manager for the final confirmation.
How to make a booking?
Please fill in the form https://miamidressphoto.com/booking-form , and we will contact you.
Can I rent only a dress without a photoshoot?
No, you can rent a flying dress only if our team does a photoshoot.
Where can I find the information about prices?
You should fill in the form on our website, and we will send the current price list to your e-mail.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes! Your booking will be successful after paying a deposit.
How to book a photoshoot + dress?
Please fill in the form https://miamidressphoto.com/booking-form , and we will contact you as soon as possible.
How do I get to the location?
You can get to the meeting place by ordering a taxi, renting a car, or taking a local bus. We will arrange the transfer from our partners for you. They will pick you up from the hotel and bring you back after the photo shoot.
How many places will we visit, and where will we be photographed?
If you order a photoshoot for 1-3 hours, it is enough for one city with its picturesque places (white houses) - Oia, Imerovigli, the beach is possible.
It still depends on the type of shooting and your preferences, if you have a beautiful hotel, we can start there. Please note that all transportation around the island during the shooting time are carried out by the client's transport.
How does the dress fly?
When you order a photoshoot don't forget about the flying dress assistant. She will help you with the long tail of the dress during the photo shoot.
Start shooting from when?
Start shooting from 1st click of camera.
What time is the best time to take a picture?
The best time to take pictures is morning from 8:30-13:00 or evening from 16:30 till sunset (the time may vary depending on the month).  At this time (8:30-12:00) it is good because not many tourists on the streets and not so hot. If we have enough time, we can go to the beach after the main location and finish our shooting there.

Before sunset (start around 16:00-17:00) it is a good time for shooting also. Warm light and not so hot. We can go to the mountain or churches for shooting of sunset after the main location and finish our shooting there.
What do you need to take for the shoot?
Dry napkins, lipstick, powder, sunglasses, a bottle of water, comfortable shoes (slaps), and high hills (this is not necessary). A handy bag/backpack, in which you can put your things. The color of underwear should match the color of the dress or skin. Please wear shoes that you can slip easily in (sandals or flip-flops) and move around between locations.
Can I order one dress for two girls and one hour of Santorini photoshoot?
No. You need to order 30 mins package for each girl with the personal photoshoot and the dress. By the way, during the photo shoot, you can take some pictures together with your friend if you want. Share dress is impossible.
Where can I try on dresses and choose the style?
We don’t have any special place to try on the dress. If you doubt what to choose, you can book several dresses and a courier will deliver 1-4 dresses, but you will have to pay 40 euros more. During the high season, the courier is not available.
Would I get a refund if my trip is canceled due to COVID-19?
If your trip is canceled due to official COVID-19 restrictions in your country, we will reschedule your date or refund the full prepayment.
Will we get some shots of the churches and with the famous blue domes?
Yes, we can definitely include shots of the churches with the famous blue domes in the background during your photoshoot, if that's something you're interested in. Just say about it to our photographer before the photoshoot.
I would like to get some shots as a couple with my partner/husband/boyfriend and some single, is that ok?
Yes, you can invite your husband / boyfriend / partner for photos together without extra charge.
Do you have a transportation service you recommend?
We have partnered with a reliable transfer company to provide convenient and comfortable transportation to our photoshoot location. The driver will pick you up from the cable car and take you to the location. Our team has extensive experience working with tourists on cruise ships and will take care of timing and logistics to make your session as relaxed as possible.
Do we pay the rest through PayPal as well, or in cash when we arrive?
Rest payment you will pay after shooting by PayPal.
The size of the dress indicated S-XL: it means that dress is adjustable?
Yes. All of our dresses are adjustable and can fit multiple sizes. If a more precise fit is needed, we can use pins for alterations. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
If the weather is poor (raining or otherwise) is the deposit refundable?
Santorini has beautiful weather almost always. If the forecast suddenly changes, and it rains, then we can postpone our shooting to another time. If the transfer is not possible, we will refund your money.
When will we receive our photos?
You receive all the photo-previews (photos in low resolution without any correction) after 10-14 days after the shooting.

You choose photos you like best for retouch and photos for color correction and send us the numbers only. We start to edit them after that.

You receive ready photos after 40 days since the date when you have sent us the photos you select. Photos can be ready ahead of time, depending on how busy the photographer is, but if you don't want to wait, you can order it in a shorter time frame for an additional fee.
How will we receive our photos?
We use DropBox cloud file-sharing site for receive your pics without lost quality. They will be available and save there 1 year after shooting.